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Ascertain Technologies Sdn Bhd Chooses Silver Bullet’s Ranger® As Its Check Scanning Portability Strategy

PENSACOLA, FL., March 2nd, 2017 –Ascertain Technologies Sdn Bhd has selected Silver Bullet’s Ranger® API as its portability strategy for the check truncation software products it provides to banks and financial institutions in Malaysia.

In conjunction with Silver Bullet Technology, Ascertain Imaging Solution (AIS) is a native, multifunctional check scanning lockbox solution deployed for major regional and global banks in Malaysia. AIS offers banks the ability to scan their checks, match them against payees, invoices and generate account receivable feed files, credit posting, and CTS batch files as an inward feed to payee bank. Although specifically developed for BFSI sector, AIS underlying image recognition technology allows other segments to automate their paper based processes as well.

Ranger® is a software tool designed to allow item processing applications to run unchanged on a wide variety of check scanner types, including those manufactured by Burroughs, Canon, CTS, Cummins-Allison, Digital Check, Epson, MagTek, NCR, Panini, RDM, Seac Banche and Unisys. Software developers enjoy the benefits of a single check scanner interface and the freedom to mix and match check scanner types.

“We are excited to support Ascertain Technologies Sdn Bhd in their quest to provide the best OEM and end-user experiences, and are confident that Ranger will afford them this opportunity,” said Bryan Clark, CEO of Silver Bullet. “Ranger’s portability, easily expandable feature support, and best in class technical support ensure this objective, not to mention the on-board monitoring capabilities that provide the opportunity for effective management of scanners through preventative maintenance. Downtime can be a thing of the past.”

About Ascertain Technologies, SDN BHD
Ascertain have been providing services to Banks and Cooperative companies in Malaysia & Singapore since 2008. Our services include developing IT solutions, Data processing, Data capturing and managed services. Our nimble structure and agility to customize solutions, allows us to create strategic differentiation and value for our clients. Ascertain’s clientele includes major global & regional banks operating in South East Asia. We have two data processing centres in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ascertain’s services & solutions are world-class, practical and cost-effective. Ready-made products are also available. Our specialization and in-depth domain expertise allows us to provide reliable products & services in Banking, Finance and Insurance sector (BFSI). We are committed to giving our best to serve our clients. We are committed to hire the best talents in the industry to develop innovative products and services. For more information,

About Silver Bullet Technology, Inc.
Pensacola, FL-based Silver Bullet Technology is the foremost expert in check scanner interfaces and scanner emulation software.  Silver Bullet’s Ranger software makes check scanners and ATMs plug-and-play compatible with existing check scanning software applications.  For more information, visit

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