RANGER: The Universal Check Scanner Interface

Providing check scanner independence

What is Ranger?

Ranger Transport API* is a software tool that allows you to use virtually any item processing software with virtually any check scanning hardware. You are no longer limited to using one type of check scanner to run your item processing applications. Ranger gives you the flexibility to use check scanners manufactured by different vendors, without making any changes to your applications.

Ranger also includes a powerful feature called the pass through API, allowing the application developer to call the underlying scanner-specific interface to access unique hardware features.

*API = Application Programming Interface

Benefits for Software Vendors

Saves You Time

Ranger Transport API Scanner serves as a universal interface and it is easy to learn and use. Ranger-based applications require no changes in order to support new check scanner hardware. Therefore, you save time in product development and you eliminate the need to staff programmers for each type of check scanner, resulting in a reduced time to market.

Ranger handles scanner-specific programming differences. Thus, you have less source code to maintain.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Adds Value to Your Application

Ranger offers the check scanner portability and flexibility to your application. These are benefits that your customers are willing to pay for, increasing  your revenue opportunity. It also allows you to compete more effectively with vendors of multi-scanner applications.

High Return on Investment

Immediate support for multiple scanners with zero or minimal application changes

Reduces development time = Faster time to market

Engineering resources can be directed at higher priority projects instead of maintaining scanner interfaces

Freedom to use a universal check scanning language to drive almost any check scanner

Lower engineering costs for software vendors

Supports every feature of every supported scanner

Detects image defects at the source through our Image Quality Analysis software

Results in a generic integration process while allowing for the unique features of each OEM’s native API

Knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive technical support team to assist with your issues

Benefits for Check Scanner Manufacturers

Saves You Money

Ranger saves you money by allowing you to focus on your strengths. As a check scanner vendor, you are a hardware expert and may view check scanner API software as a necessary evil. Since Ranger provides a powerful application development environment, you no longer need to compete on the basis of check scanner software features.

The development of an industry standard, such as Ranger, typically serves as a catalyst for increased hardware sales. Every manufacturer has seen their development units sit on the shelf waiting for potential resellers to port their applications to their proprietary API. With Ranger, your product moves.

Moves Your Product

Reduced Number of Development Units

With Ranger, you will see a reduction in the number of development units in the field. Ranger allows your product to plug into over 100 popular software applications. Typically, no development effort is required. Potential resellers can now use the Ranger check scanner simulator to port their applications. Once their application is up and running on Ranger, you can send out a development transport.

Ranger gives you the ability to provide professional software tools to your resellers. We offer a rich set of development tools including a developer-oriented web site, ActiveX-based API, programming documentation, check scanner simulator, sample code, utilities, training classes, as well as email and phone support. You save even more money by letting Silver Bullet provide software technical support to application developers.

Provides Additional Value

High Return on Investment

Plugs into Ranger Compatible applications offered by hundreds of software vendors

Reduces costs for software technical support to application developers

Provides professional software tools to your resellers

Reduces the number of development units in the field

Reduces development time = Faster time to market

Resources and focus can be directed towards your strengths instead of software

Detects image defects at the source through our Image Quality Analysis software

Leads to rapid market acceptance and increases sales

Our support team assists software developers with check scanner and application integration

Benefits for Financial Institutions

Saves You Money

With Ranger, you save money with new item processing systems by using existing check scanner hardware. 

Transports obtained through company acquisition can be integrated into existing item processing systems.

Facilitates Integration

Scanner Independence

  • More rapid market penetration by supporting scanners in the field
  • Ability to add support for new and improved check scanners without changing software
  • Increased quality and consistency of captured images and MICR data

Ranger gives you greater control over system configuration. Its allows you to mix and match different types of item processing software with check scanner hardware.

Greater Control

High Return on Investment

Ensures item processing systems integration

Reduces costs for new item processing systems

Combines preferred application software and transport hardware

Reduces training and support costs by running the same software on all check scanning equipment

Retains value of and leverages legacy transport hardware

Detects image defects at the source through our Image Quality Analysis software

Provides flexibility in your check scanner choice

Better use of existing resources

Ranger Control API Interfaces

DLL Interface (Windows)

Direct access to the full Ranger core functionality without the ActiveX layer.

DYLIB Interface (Mac)

Direct access to the full Ranger core functionality.

ActiveX Interface

ActiveX technology allows Ranger to support a variety of development environments such as C++, C#, and Visual Basic.

Java (32-Bit)

Java Native Interface (JNI) technology allows access to full Ranger core functionality through a 32-Bit Java Virtual Machine.

Ranger Remote


Ranger’s browser-based solution allows you to use Ranger in all major web browsers!

DLL (Windows)
Ranger Remote

Supported Language(s)
Visual Basic
C/C++ JavaScript Java C/C++
Visual Basic

Supported Browser(s)
N/A N/A Internet Explorer
N/A Internet Explorer

Supported Operating System(s)
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
OSX Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Sample Application(s)
Multiple Multiple Ranger HTML Sample JRanger Sample N/A

32-Bit Binary
HWND For Events
64-Bit Binary
HTML5 WebSocket
Service Requires A Socket Connection
32-Bit JVM
Java 1.6+
32-Bit Binary

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