Ranger Benefits

Benefits for Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions save money on new item processing systems by using existing check scanner hardware. Transports obtained through company acquisition can be integrated into existing item processing systems. Scanner independence attributes include more rapid market penetration by supporting check scanners in the field, ability to add support for new and improved check scanners without changing software, and increased quality and consistency of captured images and MICR data.

Financial Institutions also gain greater control over system configuration. By using Ranger, you can mix and match different types of item processing software with check scanner hardware.

Benefits for Software Vendors
Ranger saves you time and increases your revenue opportunity. Your sales increase because Ranger's check scanner portability is flexibility that your customers are willing to pay for. This also allows you to compete more effectively with vendors of multi-scanner applications.

Since the Ranger Transport API Scanner is easy to learn and use, you save time in product development and you eliminate the need to staff programmers for each type of check scanner. You also reduce software maintenance costs when you develop with Ranger. Since Ranger handles scanner-specific programming differences, you have less source code to maintain.

Properly designed Ranger-based applications require no changes in order to support new check scanner hardware. You also reduce time to market when adding support for new check scanners. Request more information about the Ranger development tool kit and receive a free white paper.

Benefits for Check Scanner Manufacturers
Ranger saves you money and moves your product. The development of an industry standard, such as Ranger, typically serves as a catalyst for increased hardware sales. Every manufacturer has seen their development units sit on the shelf waiting for potential resellers to port their applications to their proprietary API. You will also see a reduction in the number of development units in the field. Ranger allows your product to plug into over 100 popular software applications. Typically, no development effort is required. Potential resellers can now use the Ranger check scanner simulator to port their applications. Once their application is up and running on Ranger, you can send out a development transport.

Ranger saves you money by allowing you to focus on your strengths. As a check scanner vendor, you are a hardware expert and may view check scanner API software as a necessary evil. Since Ranger provides a powerful application development environment, you no longer need to compete on the basis of check scanner software features.

Ranger gives you the ability to provide professional software tools to your resellers. We offer a rich set of development tools including a developer-oriented web site, ActiveX-based API, programming documentation, check scanner simulator, sample code, utilities, training classes, as well as email and phone support. You save even more money by letting Silver Bullet provide software technical support to application developers. Request more information about the Ranger development tool kit and receive a free white paper.

*API = Application Programming Interface

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