Ranger Tools

Ranger comes with a powerful toolset to accelerate the development and testing of your check scanner applications. We offer several utilities, including downloadable applications and source code. If you need help, take advantage of our online help section (requires user ID and password), then contact Silver Bullet support if you need additional help with migration.

NEW! Ranger Control Center
The Ranger Control Center is a configuration tool for managing a Ranger development environment. It offers the ability to detect and switch between installed versions of Ranger, and has an integrated Ranger log viewer and editor.

Ranger Simulator
This software tool simulates a check scanner running the Ranger API. It has been used daily by application developers and OEMs around the world since July of 1998.

Document scripts can be loaded into Ranger Simulator to simulate different types of work or to reproduce specific error situations. Ranger Simulator can also simulate different check scanner configurations, which saves time when testing software for several target hardware configurations.

Ranger Bloodhound™
This powerful debugging tool complements the Ranger Transport API* by enabling your development staff to quickly identify and correct application bugs. Bloodhound logs each Ranger Transport API call, then sends the log to an email address or a file. Applications can also write to the Bloodhound log through the Ranger Transport API.

Silver Bullet IQA™
Included with Ranger and also available as a stand-alone product, Silver Bullet IQA evolves with the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) and ANSI X9B standards. Currently, 16 tests have been defined to measure the quality of check images. Silver Bullet supports the following list for black and white images:

1. Undersize Image
2. Oversize Image
3. Below Minimum Compressed Image Size
4. Above Maximum Compressed Image Size
6. Excessive Document Skew
7. Image Too Light
8. Image Too Dark
9. Horizontal Streaks Present in the Image
10. Folded or Torn Document Corners
11. Folded or Torn Document Edges
12. Document Framing Error
13. Excessive Spot Noise in the Image
14. Front-Rear Image Dimension Mismatch
15. Carbon Strip Detected

* API = Application Programming Interface

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