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Silver Bullet offers on-site and online training courses to bring programmers up to speed on the latest item processing technologies.
  • Transport API training including Ranger, WiseIP, CAPI
  • General C++, Windows, MFC, TCP/IP, database access
  • Software development, testing and release process

Interface Expertise
• NCR 7780 - (ASE and WiseIP)
• NCR 7731 - (ASE and WiseIP)
• NCR 7790 - (WiseIP and CAPI)
• NCR 7795 - (WiseIP and CAPI)
• UNISYS NDP 1150 and 1825 - (CAPI)
• NCR EIPS source code
  and capture files

Application Development
• Proof of deposit processing
• Remittance processing
• ATM deposit processing
• Sorter applications
• Custom transport applications