Ranger API

The Universal Check Scanner Interface


One Single Check Scanner Interface

New scanner types and models are launched all the time. Developing and maintaining dedicated interfaces for each one of them takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

With Ranger API you are saved from this burden.

Ranger is the universal check scanner interface that benefits the whole industry.

Ranger is the Solution You Need!

Gives You Independence

Ranger is the universal check scanning language. Your applications can use it to drive almost any check scanner on the market. This means you can support a greater number of scanners without additional development efforts.

Reduces Development Time And Maintenance Costs

Ranger is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that gives you efficiency. A new scanner just entered the market? No problem – your application is already using Ranger, so you’ll hit the ground running. In most cases, integration can be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Detects Image Defects At The Source

Ranger Image Quality Analysis (IQA) tests are in compliance with FSTC and ANSI X9B standards. IQA is a standard part of the Ranger toolkit and is available to you at no additional cost.

Save development time with Ranger by Silver Bullet

Independence and Speed

Technology is changing rapidly, new hardware is being introduced at light speed, and you’re looking at long hours of development time and the rising costs of technical support.The race is on.What are you going to do to come out at the front of the pack?

Silver Bullet Technology's World Class Technical Support

World-Class Tech Support

Silver Bullet’s knowledgeable and courteous technical support team has experience with over 60 of the market’s most popular check scanners. Most Ranger questions are answered the same day, and most Ranger bugs are fixed in less than three days.

It took me only a day to bind the ranger driver to our capture solution and another day for testing.  It was a very pleasant surprise how easy and well documented the SDK is.  We installed the Canon CR-190i remotely yesterday at the customer site and had no issues whatsoever.  The setup was very straight forward and we were able to start processing immediately.

Thank you very much.  We are now considering scheduling time to test on other compatible machines Ranger supports and that we know our customers use.


Victor Torres Symco Group Panama

The technology all went very well… The test guys had lots of fun banging on the new code with the existing Panini scanners, and then absolutely fell in love when they plugged in an Epson and had it work right away without trouble. You guys rock!


Joel McIntyre | Guardian Payment Systems