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Lasso’s mature and modern AI engine, hosted on Silver Bullet’s secure servers, provides developers with an industry-leading data extraction solution. Leveraging its Anywhere Recognition deep-learning AI models, Lasso excels in simultaneously identifying multiple fields on financial documents (i.e., checks and money orders) and reading their values.

const ItemPayerName1Score = checkAIEngineScore("PayerName1");
document.getElementById('PayerName1Field').innerHTML = 'Payer: ' + ItemPayerName1Score;

const ItemDateScore = checkAIEngineScore("ResponseDATE");
document.getElementById('CheckDateField').innerHTML = 'Date: ' + ItemDateScore;

const ItemPayeeNameScore = checkAIEngineScore("ResponsePayee");
document.getElementById('PayeeField').innerHTML = 'Payee: ' + ItemPayeeNameScore;

const ItemCARAmountScore = checkAIEngineScore("ResponseCAR");
document.getElementById('CARField').innerHTML = 'CAR: ' + ItemCARAmountScore;

const ItemLARAmountScore = checkAIEngineScore("ResponseLAR");
document.getElementById('LARField').innerHTML = 'LAR: ' + ItemLARAmountScore;

const ItemMICRAccountScore= checkAIEngineScore("MicrAccount");
document.getElementById('MICRAccountField').innerHTML = 'MICR: ' + ItemMICRAccountScore;

The above check revisits the values identified on the product page, illustrating the programmatical implementation of Lasso’s confidence score. The score value obtained after the checkAlEngineScore(key) call denotes the confidence score (0-100) for the value returned from the call. For example, if the score is 100, then the Al Engine has 100% confidence in the specific check field (key) analyzed. A complete overview of detectable fields and their corresponding keys used by this call can be found in the table below.

How Lasso Works


Using deep learning, Lasso simultaneously pinpoints multiple specific field coordinates in checks or money orders.


With learned procedures, Lasso identifies and classifies text based on multiple financial document fields (i.e. payee name, signature, etc).


Lasso returns the values and accompanying scores, indicating its confidence in a successful read.

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Detailed Overview of Fields and Values Recognized by Lasso

ResponseAmountReturns the amount on the item.
ResponseCARReturns the CAR amount.
ResponseLARReturns the LAR amount.
ResponseDATEReturns the Date on the item.
ResponsePayeeReturns the Payee name on the item.
ResponseSignedReturns whether the check is signed.
PayerName1Returns the first payer’s name.
PayerName2Returns the second payer’s name (if it exists).
PayerPhoneReturns the payer’s phone number.
PayerPoBoxReturns the payer’s PO Box.
PayerSSN1Returns the payer’s SSN.
PayerSSN2Returns the second payer’s SSN.
PayerStreetReturns the Payer Address/Street.
PayerTownReturns the payer Address/Town.
PayerStateReturns the payer Address/State.
PayerZipReturns the payer Address/Zip.
PayerDob1Returns the first date of birth.
PayerDob2Returns the second date of birth.
PayerDrvLicense1Returns the first driver license number.
PayerDrvLicense2Returns the second driver license number.
PayerEmailReturns the e-mail address.
MicrAccountReturns MICR account number.
MicrCheckReturns MICR check number.
MicrTransReturns MICR trans number.
MicrRoutingReturns MICR routing number.
IQATooBrightReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQATooDarkReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQADOGSEarReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQAExcessiveSpotReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQALongStreaksReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQAMinSizeReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQAMaxSizeReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQAMinCompressedSizeReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.
IQAMaxCompressedSizeReturns ‘Cleared’ if test passes.