Image Quality Analysis (IQA)

High Quality Check Images

The Point-of-Capture Check Image Quality Solution

Silver Bullet’s Ranger Image Quality Analysis (IQA) software merges the FSTC and ANSI X9B standards for check scanning quality assurance at point-of-capture.

Silver Bullet’s IQA software is a standard part of its Check21 Toolkit. The Check21 Toolkit allows banks and other financial institutions to mix and match check scanning software and hardware to suit their needs. Ranger software is presently on thousands of check scanners, allowing many check image quality problems to be detected at the source.

Why use Ranger IQA?

Cost and Time Savings

Reduces cost and processing time associated with centralized IQA solutions by detecting check image quality defects at point of capture.

Easy Exception Handling

Easy rescan or exception processing will save hundreds of dollars per scanner annually in exception processing costs.

Image Quality Tests

Silver Bullet IQA tool checks check images with 14 different tests:

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