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Achieve a Competitive Edge Today

Independence and Flexibility for Competitive Advantage

Today’s financial marketplace is ever-changing. The flexibility to quickly adapt is vital. Silver Bullet’s product line allows banks, scanner manufacturers, and companies to adjust rapidly to the challenges facing their clients. How? By delivering products that streamline check processing, reduce costs, save time, and provide rapid market penetration.


The Universal Check Scanner Interface

With more than 500,000 copies sold, Ranger is the leading check scanner software in the industry. Ranger provides its users the flexibility to run item processing applications unchanged on a wide variety of check scanners. As new scanners become available, Ranger’s flexibility allows for a seamless transition of scanners into the market.

Image Quality Analysis®

High Quality Check Images

Silver Bullet’s IQA software is a benchmark for check image quality. Selected by the Financial Services Technology Consortium’s (FSTC) Image Quality and Usability Assurance Study, Silver Bullet’s IQA software conforms to FSTC and ANSI X9B standards. IQA software comes free with Ranger API, but scanner independent versions are also available.

IP Simulator™

Automated Software Testing and Development

Silver Bullet’s IP Simulator permits software developers to simulate on-line item processing with a stand-alone PC in an off-line environment. That translates to rapid application development (RAD), shortened development and testing timelines, reduced R&D costs, and rapid market deployment.