What are our customers saying?

About Ranger API

“It took me only a day to bind the ranger driver to our capture solution and another day for testing.  It was a very pleasant surprise how easy and well documented the SDK is.  We installed the Canon CR-190i remotely yesterday at the customer site and had no issues whatsoever.  The setup was very straight forward and we were able to start processing immediately.

Thank you very much.  We are now considering scheduling time to test on other compatible machines Ranger supports and that we know our customers use.”


Victor Torres Symco Group Panama

“The technology all went very well… The test guys had lots of fun banging on the new code with the existing Panini scanners, and then absolutely fell in love when they plugged in an Epson and had it work right away without trouble. You guys rock!

All in all, using Ranger to solve the immediate 64 bit driver problem ended up delighting the business guys as they saw the capabilities of the scanners…and they’ve been kicking themselves that it took us years to make this change… Now they see all sorts of opportunities open to us, and consider it a major product victory!”


Joel McIntyre | Guardian Payment Systems


About Customer Support

“I had an excellent support experience with Erik. Within 24 hours of emailing SB’s support, Erik and I had solved the immediate issue. He was knowledgeable, courteous, responsive, and a great communicator. In addition to helping me with the initial issue, he went on to help me troubleshoot some minor issues, even when they were unlikely to be caused by your product.

Overall, my support experience with him was a 10 out of 10, and I wanted to be sure he got the kudos he deserves.”


Keith Paolino | Rosano & Co

“I recently had a problem with a banking client of ours and their merchant using remote deposit. After contacting your support team, I started working with Erik Wesemann on getting the problem resolved. He went as far as contacting Panini in Italy in trying to help me with this unique problem…I just wanted to let someone there know that you have a great support team and I appreciate all the help Erik provided. Thank you so much!


Martha E. DeLamar | Fiserv

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jamille on a few orders over the last 2 years. Every time I call, or need assistance Jamille handles my request in a timely and professional manner. Just last week I needed help expediting an order…SBT received my contract late Friday, and sure enough my software was delivered Monday morning…Once again Jamille has provided exceptional service!”


Craig Harper | CIBC

“Your prompt attention and excellent response to our concerns was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your excellent customer service!!!”


Beth Fodness | Wells Fargo

About Image Quality Analysis (IQA)

“I had someone bring me a check today that came out almost completely black when scanned in bitonal with the older version. When I scanned it using the new binarization, it came out perfectly readable with clear black text and white background. Very impressive improvement!”

Dan Querciagrossa | iQ Credit Union