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The most popular item processing development tool on the market

What is IP Simulator?

IP Simulator is a software application that simulates an item processing scanner. This valuable developer’s tool eliminates the need for access to remote hardware when testing your item processing applications.

IP Simulator gives you the ability to run item processing applications on any standard computer, providing you with the freedom to develop and test your item processing applications without an item processing scanner. IP Simulator allows you to train personnel and test system changes without impacting your production systems. You are able to reproduce problem scenarios, test new system configurations, and perform volume testing without wasting paper.

IP Simulator is convenient, and scanner simulation is transparent. This means that you will not need to make any changes to your applications when you use IP Simulator.

Supported Scanner Types

NCR 7780-300 docs/min
NCR 7780-500 docs/min
NCR iTRAN 8000

Why use IP Simulator?

Using IP Simulator enables your financial institution to run seamlessly and more efficiently. This benefits your development process and your bottom line.


Maximize your investment by doubling programmer productivity.

Improve product quality by easily reproducing former bug-revealing scenarios during your QA process.

Expedite your sales process by demonstrating applications in your customer’s boardroom.

Reduce costs by running millions of items automatically overnight during QA testing.

Reduce installation time by configuring and testing new installations without the use of a scanner.

Reduce customer impact by certifying new installations by running in parallel with existing software.

Maximize your marketing effort by demonstrating several scanner applications simultaneously at a trade show.

Increase revenues by offering a training version of your software.

Major Features


 Simulates the selection of devices such as scanner type, OCR reader present, or microfilmer present.

 Uses scripts to define the code lines and images for each item. Scripts can be edited using any text editor, or the integrated script editor that is provided.

 Scripts can wrap around, allowing continuous automated testing of large item volumes.

 Simulates hardware events such as hopper empty, item in hand drop, and paper jam.

 Provides simulation of journal and lister printers in separate, scrollable windows.

 Free tools, application downloads, and help are available online.

More Information

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