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Silver Bullet – IP Simulator

The most popular item processing development tool on the market

Download IP Simulator for WiseIP v4.1.0. (Dongle required for full-featured version)


Download our Script Generation ActiveX Control

Download this ActiveX control to write IP Simulator scripts from within your applications. With a single line of code you can write commands, comments, image filenames, and MICR/OCR code lines. You can also open the script, close the script, and define hardware events such as jams with a single line of code.

Download our Script Generation Application

Download this application to generate IP Simulator scripts from physical documents. Vendors of remittance processing applications use IPScriptGen to generate scripts from customer specific documents, then move the generated scripts to a file server to be accessed throughout the company.

Items can be fed from both the hand drop or main hopper. Runs on WiseIP transport.

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