RANGER: The Universal Check Scanner Interface
providing check scanner independence

What is Ranger?

Ranger Transport API* is a software tool that allows you to use virtually any item processing software with virtually any check scanning hardware. You are no longer limited to using one type of check scanner to run your item processing applications. Ranger gives you the flexibility to use check scanners manufactured by different vendors, without making any changes to your applications.

Ranger Transport API is an ActiveX control. ActiveX technology allows Ranger to support a variety of development environments such as Visual C++, C#, and Visual Basic. Ranger also includes a powerful feature called the pass through API, allowing the application developer to call the underlying scanner-specific interface to access unique hardware features. Download PDF brochure

Debunking the Myths
Once in a while, we get a question from someone who has heard a little bit of misinformation that is circulating about Ranger. "Does Ranger limit scanner functionality?" "I heard that the cost of Ranger will significantly reduce my profit margin." Get the truth here! Read our new Debunking the Myths brochure.

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Technical Support for Ranger
Silver Bullet is happy to offer online technical support to our Ranger Resellers.
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Our technical support team is dedicated to solving your problems. We even work with transport vendor developers for you.

Silver Bullet does not provide support to end customers. End customer support is provided by the application vendor.

*API = Application Programming Interface

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