Acute Informatics, Pvt. Ltd. Chooses Silver Bullet’s Ranger® as its Check Scanning Portability Strategy

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PENSACOLA, FL., January 18th, 2018 – Acute Informatics, Pvt. Ltd. has selected Silver Bullet’s Ranger® API as its portability strategy for the check truncation software products it provides to banks and financial institutions in India.

Acute Informatics has selected Silver Bullet’s Ranger® API as a solution for their products EasyCTS their check truncation system and check image capturing solution, and EasyNACH as their debit mandate capturing solution. Acute Informatics has successfully implemented these solutions at the following banks: Prime Co Op Bank Ltd., Bharuch Mahila Co Op Bank, Riyat Co Op Bank, Ahmadabad Mercantile Bank Ltd, Koyana Sahakari Co Op Bank Ltd., and Sharad Solapur Co Op Bank Ltd. Acute Informatics has successfully tested and implemented Ranger® API with Canon, Seac Banche Orion and Digital Check Scanners.

Ranger® is a software tool designed to allow item processing applications to run unchanged on a wide variety of check scanner types, including those manufactured by Burroughs, Canon, CTS, Cummins-Allison, Digital Check, Epson, MagTek, NCR, Panini, RDM, Seac Banche and Unisys. Software developers enjoy the benefits of a single check scanner interface and the freedom to mix and match check scanner types.

“Our goal is to deliver industry-leading, flexible products to optimize our partners’ performance” says Bryan Clark, CEO of Silver Bullet. “We are excited to have Acute Informatics join our list of partners, and look forward to providing them with a product experience that ensures end-user satisfaction.”

Acute Informatics
Acute Informatics Pvt. Ltd. began with a vision to deliver value to clients worldwide using an effective global delivery model in the areas of software development, database administration, system administration, system integration, implementation, testing and support. Acute Informatics Pvt. Ltd. has been serving their customers for over 10 years with over 250 people currently engaged in Core Banking Solution Implementation. As a CMMI (DEV) V1.3 ML3 assessed software development company they provide project mentoring, IT consulting with multi-shore delivery capabilities. Acute Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is focused on forging strategic partnerships by building extended teams for their clients. For more information, please visit

About Silver Bullet Technology, Inc.
Pensacola, FL-based Silver Bullet Technology is the foremost expert in check scanner interfaces and scanner emulation software.  Silver Bullet’s Ranger® software makes check scanners and ATMs plug-and-play compatible with existing check scanning software applications.  For more information, visit

Ranger® is a registered trademark of Silver Bullet Technology, Inc. All other brands and products referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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