Secura Bangladesh Limited Chooses Silver Bullet’s Ranger® as its Check Scanning Portability Strategy

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PENSACOLA, FL., December 21st, 2017 – Secura Bangladesh Limited has selected Silver Bullet’s Ranger® API as its portability strategy for the check truncation software products it provides to banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh.

Secura Bangladesh Limited is a pioneer for automated clearing house and electronic fund transfer networks utilizing MICR check scanners. Secura Bangladesh Limited has a national reputation founded in the highest level of professionalism and devoted services to clients. Since 2009 individual integration to the native API was the standard for the INCHEQS application. Ranger® has proved to be the more convenient and efficient way to use MICR scanners with check processing software. Ranger® with our check processing solution, INCHEQS, will enable us to expand our business across the banking industry in Bangladesh.

Ranger® is a software tool designed to allow item processing applications to run unchanged on a wide variety of check scanner types, including those manufactured by Burroughs, Canon, CTS, Cummins-Allison, Digital Check, Epson, MagTek, NCR, Panini, RDM, Seac Banche and Unisys. Software developers enjoy the benefits of a single check scanner interface and the freedom to mix and match check scanner types.

“Our solutions focus on reducing risk, enhancing operational flexibility and providing secure and expeditious solutions to banks for check transactions,” says Bryan Clark, CEO of Silver Bullet Technology, Inc. “Ranger’s ability to support multiple scanners and their associated features, and to capture valuable performance metrics while being backed by Best-In-Class technical support makes it the obvious choice. We are happy to welcome Secura Bangladesh Limited to the list of partners whose customers will benefit from our offerings.”

About Secura Bangladesh Limited
Secura Bangladesh Limited is known as a pioneer private security printing company in Bangladesh as well as a banking ERP solution provider. Secura Bangladesh Limited began in 1998 in joint collaboration with Secura Singapore Private Ltd. Secura Bangladesh Limited is a producer of high quality printed products and printing solutions. Secura Bangladesh Limited is specialized in designing, processing, and printing unique print items all over the world. Secura Bangladesh Limited serves five leading banks of Bangladesh for BACH, BEFTN, and MICR scanners.For more information, please visit

About Silver Bullet Technology, Inc.
Pensacola, FL-based Silver Bullet Technology is the foremost expert in check scanner interfaces and scanner emulation software.  Silver Bullet’s Ranger® software makes check scanners and ATMs plug-and-play compatible with existing check scanning software applications.  For more information, visit

Ranger® is a registered trademark of Silver Bullet Technology, Inc. All other brands and products referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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