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Orbograph and Silver Bullet Form Alliance for Check Recognition Plug-in with Distributed Check Scanners

Silver Bullet's Ranger® now supports check recognition as marketplace looks to simplify

BILLERICA, MA, March 11, 2013 - Orbograph, a leading supplier of recognition solutions for the U.S. check processing market as well as end-to-end electronic payment solutions for healthcare revenue cycle management, announced today an alliance partnership with Silver Bullet Technology.

Silver Bullet provides check scanner middle-ware to over 200 resellers and 15 OEMs for a wide range of check processing workflows via its Ranger® product. With over 400,000 copies distributed worldwide, Ranger is a universal check scanner interface that allows banks to "plug-and-play" new check scanners and ATMs into their existing check scanning software. Ranger has become the industry standard interface for organizations that desire a check scanner portability strategy, such as IRS Software Management.

The alliance was created to address a marketplace of application developers, system integrators, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), service bureaus and end-user clients of corporate RDC systems looking to minimize integration overhead and enhance their applications with leading check recognition. Ranger now supports the Orbograph Accura XV™ and Automation Services for RDC™ solutions as a plug-in, which can be utilized by Silver Bullet's existing and prospective customers.

Commenting on the alliance between the two companies, Mr. Bryan Clark, President of Silver Bullet, said, "We support a wide range of customers, many of whom are looking for a way to incorporate incremental functionality into their scanning workflow without additional software integration by their development resources. We can fill a need for this customer base, as well as provide a more flexible alternative to existing teller imaging, branch capture and remote deposit capture environments."

"Silver Bullet has done a tremendous job in identifying a market niche and offering flexible solutions to the market," stated Barry Cohen, Co-President for Orbograph. "We see an opportunity for both companies to better serve our respective clients and provide a solution which is easy to implement and is available on almost any check scanning device."

About Silver Bullet Technology
Pensacola, FL-based Silver Bullet Technology is the foremost expert in check scanner middle-ware software development. Silver Bullet's software tools make check scanners and ATMs plug-and-play compatible with existing check scanning applications. For more information, visit

About Orbograph
Orbograph (, a subsidiary of Orbotech, is a premier provider of recognition-centric services and software for check processing in the financial industry and end-to-end electronic solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Orbograph technologies are in use in over 1,000 financial institutions, service bureaus and billers processing billions of checks and claims annually. Orbograph solutions are utilized by 20 of the top 30 U.S. financial institutions with in-house check processing. In healthcare payments, Orbograph P2Post™ and Orbograph E2Post™ utilize innovative EOB conversion technologies to automate posting of receivables into practice management systems. Orbograph enables clients to envision more for their organization by reducing costs and managing risk while ensuring that achieving more is a reality.

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